ABO recertification

So during this downtime, what has Dr. Vargo been doing professionally? He saw the opportunity to test his skills in front of a Board of his peers. Why? Because teachers have to be certified to teach children in public schools, medical doctors have to be certified to practice, so he wanted his patients and VO families to know of his commitment to education as well.

A little history: At the time Dr. Vargo became Board Certified only about 25% of practicing orthodontists nationwide had achieved the status of becoming “board-certified.” He became the first Board Eligible orthodontist in Rome, and NW Georgia.

Since the establishment of the ABO in 1929, the certification process requirements have continued to adjust to the demands of the specialty. Today, the process involves a thorough Written Examination (240 questions) covering all areas of information which an orthodontist should be knowledgeable.

It took Dr. Vargo many years of solo practice to collect the specified cases that would meet the stringent requirements from the ABO Board.

Upon successful completion of this written “board exam”, it permitted Dr. Vargo to proceed to the Clinical Examination where he presented six detailed case reports from his practice, demonstrating a history of excellence in patient care. He spent two days in Dallas Texas, where his cases were evaluated by a panel of examiners and later discussed during an oral examination where he was tested on a wide variety of academic and clinical topics. After successful completion of these examinations, Dr. Vargo had officially achieved Board Certification in May of 2010, for a time‐limited period.

Dr. Vargo chose to continue this process and make usage of this special downtime in history to test early and complete the Certification Renewal. This intensive voluntary process occurs every 10 years to maintain their certification status by demonstrating his continued level of patient care.

Dr. Vargo’s level of commitment as a licensed specialist represents that he has the necessary knowledge base and skills to treat patients to the highest of standards. It exemplifies his commitment to continue to keep abreast of the latest advances in patient care, and to continue to deliver these latest advances to patients. Dr. Vargo sees it as a demonstration of his dedication to the specialty and the highest level of personal achievement, so that his patient’s will know that he is held accountable to a higher standard, that trust him with their care.

As we begin this process of a re-opening, he wants to reassure all of those families that we are taking the necessary time to continue to deliver impeccable care, but also to keep our entire VO family extremely safe during these uncertain times.

Dr. Joseph Vargo

Vargo Orthodontics
Office: 706.290.0011 / Fax: 706.238.9726

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