Day 3- Caesarea Philippi

Golan Heights & Banias Springs

Matt 16:16-18 “Who do men say I am?” Jesus asked his Disciples this question at this very spot. Peter said; “Thou are the Messiah, the Son of the Living God.” And Jesus Replied, ” Upon this rock I shall build my assembly and the gates of hell will not prevail against it .”

It’s the spirit of god that woos us to salvation.

Here’s what I gathered today- No division implied if you believe differently. We are the rocks that are His assembly of building his church. Let us protect our hearts and minds for the temptation is always near.

This place was miraculous because I­t­ is not common in Israel for springs to flow this generously. The water 💦 comes from the snow melting on Mount Hermon and is the major source of the Jordan River. The water from the mountain makes the valley fertile, which was evident with lush blankets of vegetation and orchards. The other amazing fact was this area was once under Syrian rule prior to 1967 and the 6 days war. I­t­ was a fundamental site for the cornerstone of Christianity. Farewell Sea 🌊 of Galilee🙌🏻 #lifechurchofrome


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