Tweens & Vargo Orthodontics

Don’t Look At Me

Every Parent wants his or her child to feel self-confident.  While some Tweens manage to get through difficult years without a hiccup, most struggle with feeling they don’t fit in.  They worry about their looks, popularity is a constant source of angst, & they desperately want to be liked.  What really makes Tweens feel self-confident, and how can parents(caregivers) help them with their insecurities?

Did YOU Know?

  1. 90% of teens feel judged by their peers(who do they consider a peer)?
  2. 56% are worried about their looks most days
  3. 94% of teens believe looks affect popularity
  4. 57% of teens say it’s embarrassing to have crooked teeth
  5. Only 27% of parents agree with #4
  6. Peer pressure comes from media, friends, & family

Clue to help Parents

Want to know how your child feels about themselves?  It’s simple-Are they smiling in photos?  Tweens traditionally won’t tell their parents that they are struggling or feeling inadequate. Could your Smile be the window to your soul?

What can you do to help?

  1. We feel at Vargo Orthodontics early diagnosis and treatment is imperative
  2. Diagnosing problems early can lower self esteem issues, but it also proven to reduce the need for invasive procedures like extraction of permanent teeth and impactions.
  3. Call us now for a complimentary consultation 706-290-0011 to obtain an honest opinion about what is developing with your child

A little prevention can go a long way- At Vargo Orthodontics We believe a VO Smile has the ability to change YOUR child’s future!  Dr. Vargo

Reference:  Erika Katz & Invisalign Teen.  Erika is a graduate of Dartmouth College.  Erika is regularly featured on the Today Show, The Meredith Vieira Show, and the The Doctors.  Her works have been contributed to parenting articles in the NY Times, Daily News, NY Post, Parents, Parenting, Seventeen, Girl’s Life, & Good Housekeeping. Erika is the author of the critically-acclaimed parenting series, Bonding Over Beauty.


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