Our partners in education was developed years ago when we were witnessing an awful downturn with qualified teachers finding or keeping employment.  At Vargo Orthodontics, we have always been integrated into our community since 1996.  We see a problem and we begin to roll up our sleeves to help.  Hence, the birth of our beloved PEP (Partners in Education Program).  It’s simple, it teaches our children how to tithe, and it’s sustainable.  How does it work….Simply come in or invite a friend to become a patient in our practice.  When they start treatment, Vargo Orthodontics will donate $50 towards your child’s school program or activity of choice.  To date, we have donated thousands of dollars every year to schools like yours and we need your help to continue the love!  We invite you to see some of the many reasons why families have chosen us for years, so will you call now to schedule a consultation?


Dr. Vargo