Day 2 – The Sea 🌊 of Galilee

Most of us have read scripture referencing the Sea of Galilee. I­t­ is also known as Lake Tiberias and lies 696ft below sea level. It’s fresh water with abundant fish (Tilapia) and is fed/drained by the Jordan River. It’s only 6 miles wide and the Jordan River is essentially a creek bed by most terms.

My biggest “Aha moment” came today relative to geography and putting a perspective on scripture. If I’m being honest, the Bible can be difficult to understand. Today was a first in my life to see how Jesus did the Sermon on the Mount, performed numerous healings in Capernaum, & was Baptized in the Jordan River(Yardenit). So many miracles and parables that are now solidified with references. Could I have appreciated this history at a younger age and spurred my walk further ⁉️I think the answered is individual for each living believer. What I can share is that I believe that I am not here by accident now. So many spiritual beings have imprinted , mentored , and loved me to where my heart is wide open. My level of maturity matches my physical ability to navigate and go everyday day. Should I make a recommendation for travel – here’s what I’ve witnessed thus far. I am soaking in those younger than me, with spiritual maturity growing in God’s Word. Today, I saw a member of our group want to come here her entire life, while her body is having difficulty performing the rigorous physical needs. Seeing her light up with a child like “oh”, after seeing a beautiful mosaic at the Church of Annunciation in Nazareth, while gasping up the hill(with assistance) was a gift to all. I’m also so thankful that I have my Catholic upbringing, giving me an appreciation for Christianity, Love, and the Sacraments. I’ve felt once again today that being Christian is acceptance and appreciation for one another.

Lesson Learned:


John 2 – Wedding and wine scripture

6 stone jars for Jewish ritual

Only servants see miracles -being a part of things. Only the servants saw the miracle , not the head waiter. You’ll never see miracles unless you serve. Waiting on the sidelines will not give you the ability to being a part of miracles or gifts 🎁

Nugget :

The names of villages preserve the biblical names. Mary Magdala- not her last name , but where she originated.

I’m so grateful that this group at Life Church and our leader Jason for their hearts/compassion for one another.

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