Day 1: A Desire to Learn &Understand🕉✡️✝️🙏🏻

Growing up Catholic I had first experienced a genuine love from Sister’s Bertha and Elizabeth in weekly Catechism. The investment they instilled in me appeared in memorization of prayer, scripture, and followed by the acceptance of the Sacraments. As an adult, father, and mentor I have felt that my inside voice has been calling me to understand more about the fiber that makes up the tapestry of my soul.

Here I am in Israel 🇮🇱 after much prayer and trepidation. I had the opportunity a few years ago and my mom’s cancer challenged me to put my earthly family first. We’ve been blessed literally to enjoy her time here and now I had zero road blocks. I have to report thus far that my nerves were based on media and maybe my imagination. I­t­ was truly time to turn that over to God and not just use that comforting expression when it’s convenient.

There are so many more advanced than me in religion that I am going to only share my “Top 3️⃣ Aha and Deepest Moments” of the day.

1️⃣ Mustard Seed Parable- mustard seeds ( the smallest seed) in 1 year will grow to a size of a large bush.

2️⃣ Olive Tree grafting( when reading the bible and seeing the word vineyard)- I­t­ is likely referring to an olive orchard. Olive 🌳- the roots are the strength (Jews) and the branches bare the fruit (Christians). Together we are one strong tree – one does not exist without the other. Paul

3️⃣ Jesus is the Good Sheppard. The statues of Caesarea are found head or faceless, because Muslims and Jews removed them. The belief is that we shouldn’t worship beauty or the face.

Take home du jour: Zionism was growing by orthodox secular people. Many Orthodox Jews believe that until the Messiah comes that we are not allowed to advance the culture. However, in prophecies, God used non- believers to build the country in 🇮🇱 Israel. How often does that happen in our lives🙏🏻⁉️


Did You Know?

Signs In Israel:

1st line – Hebrew

2nd line- Arabic

3rd line– English

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